VISUAL - Centre for Contemporary Art & George Bernard Shaw Theatre

Location: Carlow, Ireland

Client: Carlow County Council

Architect: Gustav Ader for Terry Pawson Architects

Status: Completed 2009


Photography: Helene Binet & James Brittain


Visual & George Bernard Shaw Theatre in Ireland brings together into one building a 350 seat theatre with 4 art galleries specifically designed to accommodate large art works that otherwise could not be shown in Ireland due to their scale. The largest gallery is over sixteen meters by thirty meters with a twelve meter high ceiling.


The architectural approach to combining these two building types has been to express them as an ambiguous abstract composition in translucent glass that can transform through light between the more contemplative and introspective daytime use as an Art Gallery, to the more exuberant night time activity of theatre and performance space.


The new building is set within the grounds of St Patrick's College in the centre of Carlow, facing onto an open green quadrangle that is shared by the College as well as the City Cathedral.


The Theatre provides a regional focus for a wide variety of performing arts including theatre, music and dance.

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