The Coach House

Location: Kelsey Park, Beckenham, London

Client: Private

Architect: Ader Architects

Status: Under development


Our brief was to provide more living and entertainment space to this converted coach house in Beckenham, southeast London.


Rather than extend the current main house, we designed an extension opposite the main house (in place of a current garage) with a linking corridor to create a courtyard garden at the centre of the house.


External cladding is blackened timber.


We aim to eliminate as much of the wet trades as possible and build the extension with timber frame, and use the external timber and plywood board linings internally.


The client want to take his collection of vinyl LPs out from storage and we propose to put the album artwork  on display in the linking corridor.

Ader Architects


3rd Floor

Back Building

148-150 Curtain Road

London EC2A 3AR


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Ader Architects is the trading name of Ader Architecture / Design Ltd


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