Luleå Cultural Centre

Location: Luleå, Sweden

Client: Luleå Kommun

Architect: Gustav Ader for Terry Pawson Architects

Status: Invited Competition 2004


The cultural density of the building together with its key location, gives this building tremendous significance for the town of Luleå. The building sits in front of the main body of the town at the end of a finger of landscape that is punctuated with freestanding buildings. The proposed building uses this unique location to respond to the grand scale of the landscape and the sweep of the Bay, yet it also steps down to meet the scale of the surrounding buildings.


As a ‘Solitaire’ building, the Culture Centre presents a primary public face on three sides and pulls forward from the town edge to create a new public square. This new space gives a more imposing and appropriate scale to the entrance and provides a space to spill out onto during the long summer evenings.


The façade will be made from untreated timber that will weather naturally with age. The main façade will have a double skin, with timber both internally and externally, tied together by a steel sub structure to provide stiffness against wind loading and access for maintenance. The random pattern of the timber façade accommodates the need for views out where appropriate, as well as solidity where needed.


The new Culture Centre is conceived as a building with its functions layered vertically. The lower levels primarily contain parking with access for servicing and public car parking. The Library and Art Gallery are located on the ground and first floor. These level also contains foyer spaces and a café, ensuring a pluralistic and lively mix of uses on the entry level. The upper levels are dedicated to the two Concert and Congress Halls.

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